Garcia Wants Fight Against Jorge Linares

Garcia & Linares

In a recent interview, Mikey Garcia informed Oscar De La Hoya that he wants a future fight against current title holder of the Ring and WBA lightweight belts-Jorge Linares. Depending on the result of the match against Montenegro’s Dejan Zlaticanin (22-0, 15 KOs) in their fight for Zlaticanin’s WBC world lightweight; a match against Linares would be an interesting and intense lightweight unification match.

“I ran into Oscar and I told him he did real good with Linares and I would like that fight for me. And he said, ‘Let’s make it happen.’ So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe we can actually make that happen and they’ll keep their word. Let’s do it.”

“It’s all up to what’s available, what the options are in the future,” Garcia said. “In a perfect world, where I could dictate what everybody else was gonna do, I would stay there [at 135 pounds], unify the titles and become an undisputed champion. And I would do that within a year. But that’s not how things work. Other fighters are promoted and managed by other people. You’ve gotta work through them. They have different agendas. They have their own schedules. So it doesn’t always work like that.

“So depending on what’s available, if unification fights at 135 are available, then I’ll take that. If there may be an opportunity to jump to 140 for a title fight there, then I’ll do that. It just depends on what’s available. I’m here to take over. I’m here to fight big guys, championship fights. I’m not here to babysit and just hold on to the title by fighting guys of lesser quality. I’m here to fight everybody. I’ve gotta make up for all that time that I was out.”

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